October 31, 2023

Building a Legacy Through Integrity and Family: The Story of Chance Construction and Design

Meet Stephen: The Man Changing the Game in Construction

Chance Construction & Design
Stephen, the visionary behind Chance Construction and Design, started his journey in 2018, with a deep-seated belief that he could do better than his previous employers – not just in terms of quality work, but in creating a humane, enjoyable working environment. His specialty? Transforming exteriors with roofing, siding, gutters, and now stepping into the realm of new construction.

The Heart Behind the Name

Named after his five-year-old son, Chance Construction and Design isn’t just a business; it’s a legacy Stephen is building for his son. A testament to the love of a father and his aspiration to leave something valuable for the next generation.

From Claims Specialist to Entrepreneur

Stephen’s entry into the construction world was as an insurance claims specialist, where his flair for sales and commitment to quality propelled him forward. Despite the initial hurdles, like starting with just $2,500, Stephen’s knack for sales and people skills led the company to close its first year with an astonishing $300,000 in net earnings.

What Sets Them Apart?

It’s not just their quality work that distinguishes Chance Construction and Design in the Saint Louis/Saint Charles area. It’s their unwavering commitment to family values. Understanding and accommodating the needs of their team members, especially single parents, set them apart in an industry often criticized for its rigidness.

Core Values: Integrity and Quality

Stephen stresses integrity and quality as the company’s cornerstones. He believes in honesty and transparency with clients and maintains high-quality standards without cutting corners. His hands-on approach ensures these values are not just words on paper but are implemented in every project.

Safety and Sustainability

Adhering to safety standards is a given for Chance Construction and Design. They follow all the required guidelines to ensure the safety of their workers and the integrity of their projects.

Milestones and Pride

Tackling a multimillion-dollar apartment complex project, competing against larger, more established companies, and coming out ahead – this is a source of immense pride for Stephen. It signifies not just the growth of his company but also the recognition of their hard work and commitment to excellence.

Recognition and Relationship Building

While still relatively new and awaiting formal accolades, the company’s selection for a TV interview highlights their emerging influence and reputation. Stephen attributes strong, honest, and genuine client relationships to the company’s success and emphasizes the importance of trust in building long-lasting connections.

Giving Back and Collaborations

Stephen’s engagement with the community includes donating to backstoppers and collaborations with local businesses like Weiss Construction and Hopewell Roofing, illustrating their commitment to local growth and mutual success.

Looking Ahead

With plans to expand their fleet, grow the team, and potentially undertake a second apartment complex build, the future looks bright for Chance Construction and Design. Stephen’s vision for the next five years includes more employees, trucks, and even a new office, suggesting a trajectory of continued growth and success.

Keeping Up with the Times

Acknowledging the importance of staying informed about new technologies and practices in construction, Stephen relies on both self-education and a knowledgeable team to stay ahead of the curve.

The Most Rewarding Part?

Despite the challenges and stress, the most rewarding aspect for Stephen is the freedom the business offers – the freedom to be there for his son, embodying the very values he sets in his company.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Stephen advises future business owners to get their ducks in a row before diving in – from taxes to responsible financial planning. The path is tough, but with the right preparation and mindset, it’s definitely rewarding.

Final Thoughts

In summing up his journey, Stephen acknowledges the stress inherent in the construction industry but emphasizes the unmatched rewards it brings. He’s racked up an impressive reputation in such a short time because of his hard work and dedication. His story with Chance Construction and Design isn’t just about building structures; it’s about constructing a life filled with integrity, quality, and most importantly, family.

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